Whats New….

  • Black Tiger Legacy Deck
  • Colour Changing Wand Red – Black, Gold Tips
  • Make Money
  • Prediction Book
  • Angel Book
  • Smarties Cube
  • Fire Newspaper
  • Vanishing And Appearing Coca Cola
  • Chips Game
  • Secret Chips

Latest Downloads

  • Zoso Change by Doc Docherty video DOWNLOAD
  • ZooM iN by Brandez video DOWNLOAD
  • Zoom In by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD
  • ZONE by Lyndon Jugabot – Video DOWNLOAD
  • Z – Matrix (Impossible One Hand Matrix) by Ziv video DOWNLOAD
  • Lots of “new” stuff.
    We have finally worked our way to the back of the old warehouse and found loads of bits that we had forgotten about, from one offs to full boxes of tricks. Take a look at some of the new listings for some ggod quality but perhaps forgotten items.
  • Our annual Christmas Stockings are here!
    You asked for them and so they are back. We have a limited run of our Christmas Stockings packed with 20 magical items for less than £20. Take a look now.